Farm Trips and Food Sources

I began this blog to share my stories and my recipes, but thanks to the blogging, I’ve had the opportunity to see and learn a great deal about food. I’ve traveled to Iowa to see the power of corn and soybean, to California to learn about dairy farms in the US. My eyes have opened and I now realize the power I wield each time I choose to purchase something at the supermarket.

We need to stop casting stones, pitting the organic movement against conventional farming. We’re in the midst of a worldwide food revolution. As the popularity of the Food Network and celebrity chefs continues to grow, so do the warnings by experts like Michael Pollan and Marc Bittman that our way of eating is not good for our health and not good for the planet.

Food is increasingly political from the type of milk moms buy to grass fed vs grain fed beef. The issues are complex and the choices individual and economic. As I learn more about our food and the issues surrounding its production, I’ll continue to blog about it. Only through discussion can we all learn and make the right choices for our children and our planet.

Here are a few of the food posts I’ve written:

strawberry picking

  • Girl and the Goat Brussels Sprouts

    Asian Brussels Sprouts Girl and the Goat Style

  • homemade red pepper hummus

    Roasted Red Pepper Hummus: an Easy Protein Packed Snack

  • French Apple Tart

    Tarte Aux Pommes

  • tuna tartare

    Homemade Tuna Tartare

  • Chocolate Mouelleux

    Just a Simple Little French Cake: Moelleux au Chocolat

  • strawberry yogurt cake

    Strawberry Yogurt Cake: Great for Breakfast or Afterschool Snacks

  • Chocolate Pudding

    Milk Chocolate Pudding