A New Way to Share Local Faves: the Findery

Beyond my Chicago Dining Page, I don’t do many restaurant reviews and local coverage in my blog posts. I used to, but taking a lot of pictures while eating out started taking the fun out of eating out. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a lot of local faves to share!

Enter this great new app called Findery.

Findery lets me snap a quick pic and write a quick blurb about new places I’ve discovered. From great cocktails to fun camp ideas, I’m jotting them down at Findery, tagging them to be searchable by topic, location, or title. Just to be completely transparent: Findery is compensating me to share a lot of favorite Chicago area things this Fall.

Because of the map feature, you can be in a certain area and get suggestions for nearby restaurants or activities.

Search under French Foodie Mom on the Findery App and you’ll see:

An Adult Playground that’s Dog and Family Friendly

Finally getting to the Doughnut Vault

My Current Favorite Cocktail Spot

And many, many more notes about great local spots you may not have tried. Some are for family fun. Many seem to involve cocktails. Don’t judge me, just bookmark the ones that interest you.

The Findery app is currently available in the Apple app store and launching for Android this week. It’s free.

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