Door to Door Organics Back to School Giveaway #SnackAttactics

This year, I’m almost as much in denial about the rapid approach of back to school as my children. June crawled along, July blinked by, and now August seems to be on fast forward, the kind with the four arrows. We’re ducking all school supply purchases, and instead focusing on groceries and starting the year with healthy eating habits with the help of Door to Door Organics.


Door to Door Organics is a convenient service that delivers groceries directly to your home. The produce is local, natural, or organic, and they also offer meat, dairy, bakery items and a small selection of pantry staples. You can choose to have them send you a box of produce that they pick for you, or just shop a la carte. Think of it as Whole Foods coming to you, without a delivery fee, and with lower prices.

Box_farm_600pxwTo encourage you to try their service, Door to Door Organics is hosting a Back to School giveaway on my blog this week. The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Door to Door Organics which would be enough for a small box of produce and a gorgeous Gunthrop Farms chicken. Soy Butter Roast chicken is my favorite Monday night dinner when school is in session. Just pop it in the oven, brush it with melted butter and soy sauce a few times while it cooks, and 90 minutes later, an incredible dinner is on the table with little to no effort.

BTS-Prize-Pack_1In addition to the gift certificate, the Door to Door Organics Back to School gift pack will include cooking utensils and healthy snacking inspiration for the whole family.

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So kick the school year off by trying something new, great produce delivered to your door. How can you go wrong with a service that frees up your time and provides your kids with great produce?



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  1. While I don’t have any little ones around, my favorite snack is fresh tomatoes with some torn basil, olive oil and sea salt! So delicious. Haven’t heard of Door to Door Organics until now…great idea!

  2. No kids but one nephew adores green apples, the other insists on red apples. Door to Door Organics has been my best buddy for many years. Always get their local produce and when it’s IN SEASON! It’s cheaper when fresh from fields and tastes the best!

  3. Both my boys are type 1 diabetic, we are always on the look out for healthy snacks. We do small amounts of foods with as little as carbs, usually peanut butter with fruit.

  4. Our family’s favorite after school healthy snacks are chia breads with cheese, or yogurt and fruits!
    Thank You for the chance

  5. I pick my grandson up from school everyday. His favorite after school snack is yogurt, strawberries & blueberries.

  6. cucumbers with red pepper hummus – it’s light enough not to slow you down or spoil your dinner, but substantial enough to keep you satisfied.

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