Red Pepper Hummus: Easy Spontaneous Summer Appetizer

The end of the school year is always a hectic time for us, filled with baseball playoffs, end of year parties, and summer sports kickoffs. After a busy week, there’s nothing I like better than collapsing on a patio chair with a thrown together¬†appetizer and a glass of sparkling prosecco. This red pepper hummus comes together in minutes, maximizing my patio relax time and tastes so great homemade. I can add a little extra lemon or a dash of ancho chili powder if I’m feeling sassy.

Red Pepper HummusStolen moments of peace on the back patio is what summer should be all about. The kids play around me in the bright green grass and I finally feel my heart slowing down, mentally dismissing the endless to do list and relaxing. All the better if friends happen to stop by on their way home from the pool. Food tastes better with good company.

Chick PeasUntil I started keeping cans of garbanzo beans in the pantry, I always thought of hummus as a grocery purchase, but I’m now addicted to making it my own. Sometimes I throw in olives, other times I dot it with pretty jewel colored cherry tomatoes. It’s so nice when something that tastes so good is so easy to make and is relatively healthy. Did you know that each can of garbanzo beans has 7 grams of protein and no fat? That’s a pretty powerful funny looking bean.

Here’s to a relaxing summer. May you find many of these stolen golden moments in the months to come.

Red Pepper Hummus: Easy Spontaneous Summer Appetizer
  • 1 can of drained and rinsed garbanzo beans (1½ cups or 9⅛ ounces drained)
  • 1 small jar of sweet roasted red pepper, drained and rinsed (1/2 cups or 4½ ounces drained)
  • Juice of 2 lemons (1/4 cup)
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • ¼ cup of olive oil
  • ½ teaspoon of salt
  • ¼ teaspoons of pepper
  • ⅛ teaspoons of cumin
  • ⅛ teaspoon of ancho chili powder
  1. Put the garbanzo beans, red pepper, lemon juice, and minced garlic in the food processor. Pulse until completely blended.
  2. Drizzle in the olive oil as you mix continuously. Add a little more if the hummus is too dense.
  3. Now season to your liking with the salt, pepper and ancho chili powder. Taste as you go. The measurements above are just for guidelines!
  4. Serve chilled with pita chips or just green pepper and carrot slivers.

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