Styling Tips for Moms: an Afternoon with Suze Solari

Suze Solari is a personal stylist and the co-author of the newly published book, The T-Shirts and Jeans Handbook: Stylish Upgrades for your Daily Uniform. She recently came over to my house with her co-author, Michele Bua, for a styling session and interview.

about-pic-low-res-e1394231365605How often do you run out of the house in your workout clothes? How about in your pajamas?

Until I had kids and moved out to the suburbs, you couldn’t have paid me enough to walk out of my apartment less than fully dressed. To walk the New York City streets, you had to dress the part! Twelve years later, I’m too ashamed to confess how many days a week I arrive at pick up still in a tennis skirt from the morning. A quick poll of the school moms will yield the answer if you’re dying to know.

I grew up in Paris and should know better, but somehow, in the land of car pools, I’ve let myself go. Just like George Castanza in his sweatpants. Even if school pick up is the only destination, the simple act of tying a pretty scarf on and applying a little lipstick puts a spring in my step.

Suze Solari is tiny, stylish and mighty. She gets passionate as she talks about the over casualization of America. If she ruled the world, yoga pants would never see the light of day. It’s quite possible that she has enough style and dedication to inspire every american mom to invest in a statement necklace and a pretty scarf. Think of her as the Jillian Michaels of style, only nicer.

tshirtandjeans2-e1394231451659The T-Shirts and Jeans Handbook is organized to be easily digestible on mobile devices, with a collection of easy to implement looks. Each concept has a before and after shot, making it approachable yet inspiring. Suze structured our style session the same way, starting each outfit with me in a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt and adding a few accessories and layers to dress me up.

Scarf CollageMy greatest take away from my style session with Suze and Amy was a new way to tie a scarf. Suze calls it the Three/Three/Three method. I call it the super poofy and flattering scarf tie. I love it so much, I may combine it with my tennis skirt at school pick up, fighting my personal style makeover, one day at a time.

Scarf Tie CollageThe T-Shirts and Jeans Handbook is available at as a digital download for $5.99.

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