the Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee Machine: a Review

Nespresso VertuolineEver since Nespresso launched the Vertuoline, their new line of machines that makes both coffee and espresso, I’d been dying to try one out. This week I received a unit to review and put it through its paces.

Since becoming a Nespresso ambassador earlier last year, I’ve served espressos and cappucinos to many guests in my kitchen. My pantry is stocked with Nespresso capsules in different intensities, to cater to a variety of tastes. I’ve been told that I make a great cappucino, latte and espresso, but when friends asked for a plain cup of American coffee, I can’t oblige. I was hoping the new Vertuoline machine would save me trips to my (unconnected!) garage to dust off my retired coffeemaker.

Vertuoline CapsuleThe Vertuoline is not compatible with the other Nespresso capsules. It uses a separate set of capsules with a bar code etched under the lip. The bar code is programmed with cup size, water temperature, rotational speed, flow rate and the amount of time the water is in contact with the coffee inside the capsule. You can hear all that technology as the capsule begins spinning in the machine, but the technology is inside so that the consumer can forget about it. All you need to decide is what type of coffee you’d like, pop it in the machine and wait 15 seconds to a minute and a half for your cup of coffee (the full cup of coffee takes the longest).

So the question is… should the Vertuoline replace your existing Nespresso machine, to cater to every possible coffee taste? Or if you’re not yet a Nespresso machine owner, which one should you buy?

I’m impressed with the quality of the coffee and the ease of the experience of the Vertuoline machine. It’s as gorgeous and easy as the other Nespresso machines from the Gran Maestria on down to the Pixie. Smelling the coffee as it brews is heavenly, and the taste is rich and smooth. You can tell the same quality goes into the bean selection for these capsules. But, in my opinion, the Vertuoline coffee is of such high quality, rich flavor and intensity that it would overwhelm those who are craving a watered down, diner style plain old cup of coffee.

This gorgeous foam is just coffee and air. No milk has been added yet! Pure crema.
This gorgeous foam is just coffee and air. No milk has been added yet! Pure crema.

The crema is beautiful – and a gorgeous way to add richness to your coffee without adding fat, but this is still a very European cup of coffee. I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing – if every restaurant carried a Nespresso machine, I would finish every meal a very happy woman. I love my Nespresso experience so much that I seriously consider packing my machine every time I travel. But if I were buying a new Nespresso machine, I would stick with a traditional espresso Nespresso machine because they have so many more capsules to choose from. Currently, the Vertuoline has eight coffee capsules to choose from (including one decaf and one half decaf) and four espressos. Currently the espresso capsules offer 18 espresso choices, 3 decaf, and 3 lungo (a bigger cup).

The Vertuoline currently retails for $299, or $349 bundled with the Aeroccino milk frother.

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  1. I too was surprised at the quality of the Nespresso. I am a coffee addict, and have only tried the Nespresso at a friend’s. I couldn’t believe how strong the coffee was in comparison to a Keurig (yuck)! Great post – makes me want to rethink investing in one of these. Although I am a dedicated French press girl!

  2. Thanks so much for posting this, Vanessa! My husband got me a traditional Nespresso machine for Christmas this year, and when these new ones came out, I started to wonder if we should have waited. This makes me feel contented with my machine once again!

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  4. I purchased a Vertuoline and thought it would be the last machine I purchased. Unfortunately the first cup of coffee is warm at best. If you make a second or third cup, it is hot. When I called to ask about it, I was told that I should run a cleaning cycle each day before making coffee or “trick it” by running an old capsule first. If that’s the only way to get hot coffee, obviously something is wrong.

  5. j’adore cette cafetière Nespresso et les grosses cartouche rose . je prenais cela a Bonita bay en Floride a Chicago . introuvable en France . je fais comment pour en trouver ?
    merci de votre réponse .

    • Je ne comprend pas comment vous n’arrivez pas a trouver des cartouches Nespresso en France. L’ete dernier j’ai trouve Nespresso partout en France et aussi beaucoup de copies aux supermarchés. Personnellement, j’ai trouve que les copies vendues aux Monoprix n’etaient pas du tout de la meme qualite.

  6. The coffee is warm and not hot. There is a problem with this machine’s heating element on the first cup. Like Robert states above, the company says to run the machine through an old capsule first then make a new cup. What? That is ridiculous. I have an older Nespresso espresso maker and the coffee is piping hot on first go around in the morning. I suggest you do not buy this machine until they fix this problem.

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