All For Schools: a Convenient New School Fundraising Option

How does your school handle their fundraising? Do you have a school auction or do smaller campaigns all year round? Having been pressured one too many times to bid on something I didn’t really want, I prefer the fundraising opportunities that are woven in my life, the private ones that no one has to know about. All for Schools is a new website that donates a portion of my online purchases back to my kids’ school. It’s an easy and private to donate to my children’s school.

All for Schools

So how does it work? First you log on to All For Schools to find your school. They currently have schools in Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin listed. Then you select your school from a drop down menu and begin shopping through the site. Although All for Schools is new, they already have dozens of retailers on the site, from Groupon to and You can search for a sitter, buy new shoes, and sign up for a new yoga class, all while donating to your school. And best of all? No one needs to know about it.

All for Schools Sign UpHow much money are we talking about? All for Schools earns affiliate commission from each retailer on the site. They pledge to deliver a minimum of 60% of their commission back to the school you have selected. They basically have joined a bunch of affiliate programs and enable you to give to your school through that. They pledge to deliver the money to schools within 90 days of purchase.

I’ve passed All for Schools onto my fundraising PTO chair. It sounds like a much better option than buying gift cards that I’ll lose or bidding on things I don’t want when I’ve had one glass of wine too many. Love how the Internet continues to make our local lives more convenient, one service at a time.

REGISTER TODAY! All For Schools is active in Chicago and excited to meet parents, relatives, friends, alumni, faculty, or administrators.  Register today and start shopping, saving and raising funds for your child’s school. . Can’t find your school? No problem, once you are registered we’ll let you know as soon as they get on board!

I received compensation to spread the word about All for Schools. The opinions in this post are my own.

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