Food and Tech: Five Food Apps for Better Eating

Food AppsTo conclude my tech focus for the week, I want to talk about my favorite food apps. Whether you use your phone, home computer, or tablet to cook in the kitchen, these are apps that will improve the way you eat, both at home and out. They function on the Apple IOs, Windows IOs, and Android devices. And they’re all free!

Ziplist1) Ziplist. Listed first because it’s the app I use the most. Put an end to paper shopping lists. This shared grocery list app lets all your family members contribute to the grocery list. And all you need to remember at the supermarket is your phone. The app groups purchases by grocery aisles. As a bonus, ziplist has a huge recipe database, populated by food bloggers as well as big cooking sites like Epicurious.

Foodspotting Screen Shot

2) Foodspotting. This is a great app when you’re in a random town, not sure where to go to eat. Rather than turning to Yelp and trusting the comments there, I prefer to check out the pictures on Foodspotting. Getting a preview of the dishes served, with pics taken by other users, is the greatest way to get a feel for the types of dishes available. You can search by location, by user, and by rating. Try it when you’re hungry and not sure what to eat.

Evernote food3) Evernote Food. How do you keep track of your recipes? I have an old paper notebook for things I rip out of magazines, but when it comes to the web, I use evernote to track recipes I want to make or have made. I also love their restaurant tab, so I can remember all the restaurants people recommend when I’m hungry and looking for somewhere fun to go on a Saturday night. There’s even a tab for food memories, both written and pictures.


4) Foodily. We all need inspiration when cooking in the kitchen. Foodily is one place to get it. They claim to be the world’s largest food search engine. I just know that they are the place I turn to for inspiration on obscure ingredients, with tens of thousands of recipes, from big sites to small sites like mine. If you got impulsive at the supermarket and bought a pomegranate and are not sure what to do with it, Foodily will find you dozens of recipes on pomegranates. And if you have allergies, never free, the search filter lets you pick ingredients you want in your recipe and leave out the ones you don’t (like gluten or almonds).

5) FlipBoard – Now Flipboard is not a dedicated food and drink app, but there’s no reason for you not to treat it as a food and drink inspiration source. It takes content from different social media streams and makes them very pretty, like online magazines. Pick a few of your favorite food bloggers, create a food blogger magazine on Flipboard, and you can view their latest creations in gorgeous format while waiting for the train.

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