Happy Everything Wishes

Dear Family and Friends,

For once, it’s not hard to believe that the year is coming to a close. 2013 has been a long year, filled with the joys of travel and the stress of Vanessa’s father recovering a lung transplant. And yet, amidst it all, life goes on. The kids get older, and the walls get more crowded with colorful memories.

This year, instead of just doing a letter, I thought I’d let everyone in the Druckman 6 summarize their favorite moment of the year, in their own voices, with only slight editing on my part. This announcement led to much eye rolling and complaining but in the end, will give you a good sense of our family dynamics.

I sleep Mama bed.” – Sophie (2)

Summer. All of it. Being warm. The vacations. The pool. But not swim team. I hate swim team.” – Juju (7)

Front row seats with you, Dad and GrandDad at game 5 of the Blackhawks Stanley Cup finals. Throwing my towel on the ice when we won.” – Jack (9)

No comment. Well, you can just say that I loved my two weeks at Camp Manitowish and that I portaged a canoe by myself on trail.” – Bella (12)

Skiing at Steamboat, Juju finally no longer on the harness between my skis. I was skiing as fast as I could, trying to catch up with her as she flew down the mountain, screaming, “Best spring break ever!” at the top of her lungs.” – Steve

That first crisp glass of Prosecco at lunch in that little town on the Ligurian coast, right after we crossed the border from the South of France. It was so hot. We burned our feet racing to the water to be the first to put our feet in the water in Italy. We were sweating. And suddenly time slowed down. When the hot pasta with those crazy shrimp arrived, we were in heaven.” – Vanessa

Coming in just under the wire, as usual, the Druckman family wishes you the merriest holiday season and all the best for 2014.


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  1. I love that idea, Vanessa. For me, it seems too much of a chore to think of a years’ worth of activity for the entire clan. Letting them sum it up in a sentence or two is a priceless way to bring honesty to the tradition! Hope you are all well!

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