a Tasteful Nespresso Holiday Giveaway

How are you doing on your holiday shopping? I’m blissfully close to being done, although I have a sneaky feeling that “almost” will become “not quite” and turn into fevered last minute purchases. In the spirit of getting you from close to done to wrapping and relaxing, I have one last Nespresso giveaway this holiday season. I picked the winner of the UMilk machine earlier today, and if that wasn’t you, you have one last chance to enter to win a Nespresso coffee machine. I’ll pick the winner at midnight this Friday.   UPDATE! The winner was selected randomly by Rafflecopter. Congratulations to Lori Landau.

Nespresso Pixie GiveawayThe prize this time is the powerful, yet counter space saving Pixie Aluminum Nespresso machine which retails for $229. It will come with the Aeroccino+ milk foamer which retails for $99 as well as a sampling of all 21 Grand Cru Nespresso coffees, a total prize value close to $400 and the perfect combination to get you started on your Nespresso love affair.

coffee love

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And as you’re gearing up for your holiday entertaining, check out some of my Nespresso recipes for inspiration:

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    • I’ve found that all milks react differently to the Aeroccino, even lactose free differently than regular milk. The trick is to start with smaller quantities and work up from there to avoid any spills. But the aeroccino foams them all. And there are two frothing wands – one for lattes and another for cappuccino.

  1. I highly pollute my coffee with milk & sugar… And that looks divine! They do say Nespresso is the best in the world!

  2. Hi Vanessa! My husband has been begging me for a Nespresso machine so I would love to win this! I am latte obsessed and any cup of coffee I drink must have a lot of skim milk and 1 splenda. If there is not enough milk my day is ruined. Period.

  3. It sure would be nice to be able to steam my own soy foam at home instead of raising eyebrows everywhere I go, since I drink my coffee with steamed soy foam, not the milk, just the foam.

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