Favorite Grilling Recipes for Power Outages

I am a city girl at heart. I grew up in Paris, went through my rebellious teens in London, and became an adult in New York City. When the birth of our second child pushed us to the suburbs, I began a long period of mourning and adaptation. It took living in three suburbs in three different states to get it right, but here in River Forest, we finally feel at home.

Jack as Halloween mobster
Jack dressed as a mobster last Halloween, the perfect River Forest costume.

We’re near enough to the city that we can be at the trendiest restaurants in 20 minutes on a Saturday night. We walk to school, to the supermarket, and to buy bagels on Sunday mornings. The houses are eclectic and historic: no two are the same. Our last home was in a cookie cutter subdivision in Ohio, and now we live amidst homes that hid mob bosses and Frank LLoyd Wright’s love affairs. But there is one drawback to all this historical charm: an ancient power grid.

Bella Hot Fudge Sauce

The power lines criss cross our skies, an abstract pattern connecting our tiny yards. The lights dim when the wind gusts, and power outages are routine. Last night, when the latest Midwestern superstorm rolled in, our lights flickered and stayed dark. Of course, the generator we splurged on last summer during the fourth 95 degree day with no power is locked in our garage behind electrical doors. And so, flashlights in hand, the inventory of the freezers has begun, and it’s time to plan a serious grilling feast with plenty of melting ice cream sundaes and cold white raspberry sangria on the side.
Steve prepping hog for pig roast
Here are a few of our favorite grilling recipes that would be great to add to your repertoires, regardless of the strength of your power grid.

I’ll leave you with this simple picture of clams on the grill, not something that you’d have lying around in your freezer, but a super easy grilling recipe that makes a knock your guests’ socks off appetizer anytime you’re grilling.

cooked clams

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