My Long Road to Lactation: New Chicago Parent Article

Sophie Bow
Sophie’s diet at the Olympics in London was English peas, scones and breast milk. Finally I understood what people meant when they said breast milk was more convenient than formula.

I have a new personal essay published in this month’s Chicago Parent magazine entitled My Long Road to Lactation, all about how it took me three kids to become a nursing mother. I got comfortable nursing with Juju and was a pro when Sophie arrived as a tiny preemie, ready to deal with pumps and the NICU. The moral of my story? Be kind to yourself. Take the pressure off yourself, feed your babies whatever works best for you, and be a happy and relaxed mom. Either that, or have a lot of kids for better practice.

Grab a free copy at your library, school, or wherever Chicago Parent is found. I’ll share the online article link when the current issue goes live on the website.




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  1. Congratulations! I always hoped you’d share that piece with a wider audience. It’s so good, I’m sure you’ll touch and help a lot of new mothers with its wise insights. I look forward to reading it when it comes online.

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