Food Blog Forum Recap: Could Pinterest Be the New SEO?

Food Blog Forum BadgeFood Blog Forum 2013 in Orlando was amazing, as amazing you would think a food blogger conference at Disney would be. Stalk Julie from the Little Kitchen immediately if you haven’t already been following her gorgeous site, to not miss any details for 2014 FBF registration, in Asheville, NC. Tickets sold out in less than 10 minutes this year, so as soon as you hear, schedule the time to register, it’s well worth it. The conference is not only in a great location, but it’s intimate and you’ll find yourself having intense conversations about anchovies, the power of lime in salad dressing, and the alchemy of inspiration during lengthy mingle-inducing breaks.

FBF 2013 Group ShotThe sessions throughout the day were interesting, but the most revolutionary statement of the day was made by Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes.

Food blogging in the last 10 years was defined by SEO. The next 10 years will be defined by Pinterest.

Consumers in greater numbers every day are turning to Pinterest to create their own customized cookbooks. They’re searching based on the descriptions you’ve entered in Pinterest and are bookmarking your recipe based on the picture you’ve pinned. It’s a new world, and Google is no longer the driver. Pinterest is the name of the game.

This news filled me with mixed emotions. While I’m on Pinterest and can freqently be found having lost a few hours creating new vision boards, I often feel discouraged after a session down the Pinterest rabbit hole. It’s a dream world filled with people who want beautiful food cooked in 15 minutes or less with three ingredients (or less!). And if it’s chocolate and low fat, even better. While I love a quick and easy recipe as much as the next person, I believe that good food does and should take time. Pinterest is not reality and that’s why this new world order terrifies me. But if Elise says Pinterest is the new world, then I guess I need to adapt to the new reality. With this in mind, here are a few best Pinterest practices shared at Food Blog Forum.

  1. Group boards: Joining group Pinterest boards will increase your reach and influence by leveraging the shared followers of all the participants in the group board.
  2. Vertical pictures: The new Pinterest layout lets pictures stretch down, not out. So take gorgeous vertical pics and be rewarded as they spread with high repins.
  3. Nighttime pinning: Pins put on Pinterest between 7PM and 11PM EST perform very well. 7AM to 11AM EST is also a popular time.
  4. #recipe and other meaningful hashtags: Descriptions are critical to having your pin live long through Pinterest search. Even a simple hashtag such as #recipe can be critical in getting your post and image to new eyes.
  5. Great descriptions – See point above. Don’t just put up a great pic and expect it to do the work. The description in Pinterest is key to success.
  6. Pop up pin button on images – There is a wordpress plugin to make a pin it button appear on your blog over each of your images. Elise just recently added it to her blog.
  7. Pin chat lives – The age of the Twitter parties seems to be waning. Pin chats seem to be the newest craze with brands. Having never taken part in one, I can’t comment. But google “pin chat parties” to get more info.

I’ll leave you with a few inspirational quotes from Todd and Diane Cu of White on Rice¬†who spoke about video, photography and inspiration at FBF 2013.

Surround yourself with colossal dreams and a loving community to share them with.

Witness the world with an open heart.

Be a dreamer. Never let go of hope and promise.

Your eyes are your lens. Your heart is your shutter.

Eyes forward with curiosity. Heart open. Share your story.



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  1. The conference sounds like so much fun – wish I could’ve been there! At least I can sort of live vicariously through the bloggers who went, though. Thank you for sharing.

    I had a very similar reaction to Pinterest as you did – much of what I do is trying to make real food, from scratch, with at least basic skill and technique. Most of what goes viral on Pinterest are the “2 ingrediant cake” recipes, which consist of a can of pop and a box of cake mix (which, I might point out, are far more than two ingredients – sorry, pet peeve of mine!), and the like. I’m reluctant to try to simplify what I do just to adapt to the new trend. My hope is that I can be myself, share what I want to share, stand up for real food and quality, and hope there are others who care, too.

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