Disney Insider Tips: No Reservations Necessary

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We’re in Disney this weekend for the Food Blog Forum. People are often surprised that a world traveling family like ours would be Disney fans, but we do enjoy a Disney long weekend. Getting a life size Pooh bear hug is a pretty great experience and the Magic Kingdom fireworks never fail to make me cry. Walking around Epcot is obviously not the same as strolling through the streets of Paris, but the Disney imagineers do an amazing job of recreating details from around the world. We’ve had the opportunity to travel here more than normal thanks to blogging in the past five years. We’re nowhere near experts, but we have our favorites and what we consider our insider tips that I thought I’d share.


Tip #1

My biggest tip is that you don’t need reservations to get a really fun character meal for your kids. The best character meals at Disney are at the Grand Floridian and can be had the day of without a reservation.

Tip #2

Here’s a guide to the street food and drink at Epcot.

Tip #3

And lastly, here’s a review of the Bistro de Paris: fine French dining at Disney.


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  1. I’m with you on the no reservations needed. I love that it makes it less stressful about times when you don’t have to be somewhere NOW. The character breakfast at the Contemporary often has walk ins available, too, and is a great meal. And every day, they list in the Parks what restaurants have availability. Pretty much every one has something, though we usually don’t do the meals anyway. We’re there for the rides 😉

    • Great to know about the Contemporary! We’ll have to try that next time. Then it’s nice to have a post-breakfast walk off to get to the park.

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