Homemade with Love – a Beautiful Cookbook from a Beautiful Cook

Homemade with Love

Homemade with Love is Jennie Perillo‘s first cookbook. It has the great recipes and lush images of a great cookbook, and while it is certainly destined to become one of your favorites, it’s so much more than just a great cookbook. Homemade with Love is Jennie’s ode to cooking from scratch and a love letter to her husband Mikey who passed away suddenly a year and a half ago.

Many people would have collapsed under the weight of grief to find themselves widowed at a young age with two young daughters, but not Jennie. She generously channeled her pain into her work in the kitchen and created this beautiful book, destined to inspire millions to get in the kitchen and cook. Her recipes are easy, but there’s nothing simplistic about them. Not wanting to waste anyone’s time or budget, she’s distilled each recipe to the essential ingredients and the critical steps.

Every recipe we’ve tested as a family (the buttermilk donuts in both chocolate and lemon, the ricotta, and the slow roasted tomatoes) has come out rich and memorable, a definite repeat. We’re inspired, and after a weekend of cooking, our copy of already dusted with flour and smeared with butter, exactly as Jennie would like it to be.

Long before the publication of her gorgeous cookbook, Homemade with Love, Jennie Perillo was the type of person who inspires, the type of person who protested education reform by marching on Gracie Mansion with trays of homemade blueberry muffins she rose at 5AM to bake. She was one of my first friends who bridged the gap from social media to real life, and I am not ashamed to tell you that her cookbook brought tears to my eyes. Now the wider world will know her, and I can’t wait for her success to get more people in the kitchen, inspired and ready to cook.

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