Sullied by Last Night’s Oscars

As if last night’s Oscars weren’t bad enough, the pain continued during tonight’s dance car pool with Jack singing, “We saw your boobs!” over and over and over again. When told to stop, he argued that he couldn’t. The song was stuck in his head after seeing the Oscars last night. His singing was the last discordant note of the misogynistic nightmare that was the Oscars 2013.

Bella had been looking forward to the Oscars for months. Ever since the Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence has been her idol. I found magazines throughout the house with little fan notes, announcing to the world the certainty of her winning an Oscar. When I was her age, Madonna was pretty cool, and Molly Ringwald had great hair, but neither inspired the same level of hero worship. Back in the 80s, girls didn’t shoot arrows, just making your own prom dress from pink curtains was an act of rebellion. There were few strong young female actresses to emulate.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 11.53.24 PM

Last night’s Oscars were supposed to be a celebration of our era of strong women in film, not only with Jennifer Lawrence but also with the ethereal Quvenzhane Wallis. Instead, the show sank to the levels of third grade boys on the playground. If the Academy thinks boob jokes are worth sinking to for higher ratings and younger demographics, then they need to grow up.

I have my work cut out for me, teaching my 9-year old son how to treat women with respect and why a song shown to millions of people was insulting and demeaning. Thankfully, I have a host of great movies with strong heroines to draw from, movies like Brave and the Hunger Games, and Divergent in 2014. But while I work to shape him into a real man who doesn’t fear women and reduce them to body parts, I suggest that the Oscars get to work planning next year’s ceremony.

ap_tina_fey_amy_poehler_tk_130113_wblogIf they’re very lucky and they grovel, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey might take their call.

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  1. You speak for many women; I thought it was the worst ever but then I questioned the wisdom of using him for a host in the first place. I made the mistake of renting the movie Ted and so I’m not totally surprised but what a totally unbelievable performance in this day and age. Maybe we’re supposed to take comfort that he insulted across genders, race and sexuality?

    Now for next year? YES; I’ll get on a bandwagon for that duo anytime. But it might be most fun if Tina shows up as her alter ego Sarah Palin…I miss her a lot. 🙂

  2. Catching up and just saw this… We let our 4 year old watch the opening monologue, because I thought the music and dancing would be fun before bed. I listened to that song for a few days as well. Painful. Great post.

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