What Alice Forgot: Weekend Escape

As part of my bid for serenity in 2013, I plan on burrowing deep into a couch at least once every weekend with a good book and a steaming cup of hot cocoa. If kids are snuggled up with me, engrossed in their own books, whether they are about baseball or stridently colored ponies, the vision of bliss is complete.

Cover of What Alice Forgot Alice_USI kicked things off this weekend by finishing What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. The premise of the book seemed mildly depressing when it was first recommended to me, but in actuality, this is a feel good, laugh out loud read that you’ll want to recommend to everyone, especially your friends in the parenting trenches.

The novel begins in 2008 when Alice falls off her bike at spinning class and knocks her head hard on a neighboring bike. When she comes to, she is confused and disoriented, convinced that it is actually 1998. Instead of being a 39-year old recently-separated mother of three, Alice thinks she is 29, pregnant with her first child, and madly in love with her husband.

She’s quickly discharged from the hospital although her memory is still missing and returned home to meet three children whose names she doesn’t even know. Bedtimes, lunches, and driving around their massive minivan are all complete mysteries. As Alice begins to make sense of her new life, she brings back chocolate to the home pantry as well as the hope and innocence of her twenties to the hectic life of a suburban PTA queen.

What Alice Forgot was a fun read, but it also made me think about the importance of not losing sight of family relationships amidst the hurried pace of our daily lives. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and would love to discuss it with friends and family. It would make a great book club selection.

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