Serenity in 2013

I believe in the power of new year’s resolutions. New beginnings, even if they are arbitrarily dictated by a calendar date, are filled with tremendous positive energy.

My new year’s resolutions used to be long bullet lists of personal failings I wanted to rectify. Too often they remained just that: long, depressing laundry lists that I failed to impact. A few years ago, I made a change. I boiled my new year’s resolutions down to one word. One theme. There was the year of MORE. The year of SWEAT. And the year of JOY.

2013 will be the year of serenity. Does it date me too much to make references to Seinfeld? For the last few years, I’ve been running around like George Castanza’s dad screaming “Serenity now!” He shouted it at the top of his lungs in a comical voice. I shout it in my head while running car pools, bath time, and bed time. This year, I want to make room in my life for 10 minutes of serenity every day.

SerenityI have no desire to sit in a yogi position while chanting a mantra. That’s actually the complete opposite of serenity for me. Meditation stresses me out; my mind races, wondering why I can’t relax, making lists, analyzing the mantra, cursing at myself to stop thinking, start relaxing, be in the moment DAMMIT! Serenity finds me every day, but too often I don’t take the time to notice it and revel in it, breathing in deep, noticing the peace emanating through my body.

Serenity is already woven through the moments of my life, during the special and the ordinary days:

  • At the tail end of a good run, when the pain gives way to joy, and the sweat flies freely.
  • In the middle of a writing session, when my subconscious takes over and my pen starts flowing.
  • When I plunge my hands in a bowl of warm flour and start kneading dough.
  • Walking home from kindergarten pick up, when Juju breathlessly tells me a story.
  • Whispered confessions from a sleepy child in a darkened bedroom just before the last bedtime kiss.
  • My husband’s hand finding mine as we walk out the door child-free on a Saturday night.

My 2013 resolution is a promise to take 10 minutes every day to seek out and appreciate the moments of serenity woven into my life. And at the close of each day, to take a moment to reflect on that serenity. I am hoping this will open the door to more moments of serenity, joy, and beauty in my life, every day.

Regardless of the new year’s resolutions you’ve made for 2013, I wish you a year full of serenity and joy.

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    • Happy new year to you! Looking forward to more beautiful poetry from you in 2013 even though your challenge is over. Your words make me smile.

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