Tealightful Gift Basket Giveaway

pretty cup of teaI come from a family of passionate tea drinkers. My mother and sister like their tea sweet and milky. They start their day with a steaming cup, and go through another 2 or 3 throughout the day. My mother in law also loves tea, but she prefers hers to be fruity and fragrant, and would never dream of polluting it with milk. She likes to end her day with a steaming mug of tea, the warmth of the mug helps her relax at bedtime.

Tea lovers are as unique as the multitude of teas they can choose from, and today’s giveaway is to introduce you to Tealightful, a company that handcrafts beautiful and delicious teas in exciting and diverse flavors. Tealightful was started by Charlene Phillips, a mom living in Rochester, NY. I met Charlene at a conference last year, when she offered me a cup of tea for breakfast. Like a magician, she pulled a tea kettle out of her purse along with bags and bags of gorgeous, fragrant teas.

Tealightful Sweet Pear Rooibos Tea

I chose the Sweet Pear Rooibos that I crafted a pot de creme recipe from earlier this week, but choosing was really tough. I kept plunging my nose into bag after bag, marveling at how pretty each tea was, and how amazing each smelled. These were no dried out tea bags. Each blend transported me to far away lands: Provence, China, and even Mexico.

Tealightful is worth talking about, not only because of its truly special teas, but also because it is a direct selling business with an unusually low entry cost. Through the end of December, you could start your own in-home tea tasting business through Tealightful’s Host to Launch program for only $33. People pay thousands of dollars to learn about how to start a tea business, then they need thousands of dollars to start their companies. Tealightful gives people the business, the products and the tools for just $33. And the tea business is hot right now. Starbucks just purchased Teavana because they see the growth potential. It’s the best time ever to have your own tea business!

The winner of today’s giveaway will be able to choose one of three Tealightful gift sets, each worth approximately $60:

· A Spicy Life Gift Set

· Think Happy, Be Happy Gift Set

· Tealightful Teacher Gift Set

These sets, as well as all the holiday tea gift sets that Tealightful has available can be purchased through an independent Tealightful consultant, or online at Tealightful.com.

To enter to win, please leave me a comment telling me about the tea lover in your life, and their favorite type of tea. I’ll select the winner at random in two weeks on 12/14, so the gift set can be shipped before Christmas.

And there’s many ways to earn additional chances to win, just make sure to return here to leave comments for each additional entry. You can:





56 Responses to Tealightful Gift Basket Giveaway

  1. Yay for tea!!!! I have never been a coffee drinker, but I love hot tea! Let me correct that, I love good hot tea! It is hard to get a good cup of tea at regular places, they have the same old boring tea bags. I love trying flavors of tea like these. My go to tea is always chamomile, but I tend to like the spicy and citrus flavored teas as well.

  2. My husband is the tea-drinker in our family. Although he drinks a large variety of teas, he likes herbals the best. Often he’ll unwind in the evenings with chamomile, and since it’s the only quiet part of the day as the kids are in bed, more often than not I’ll join him with a cup of my own.

  3. “Happy Holidays!” My best friend is a breast cancer survivor and enjoys hot tea a lot….She likes many kinds of tea, but Earl Grey is a favorite of hers! Many thanks, Cindi.

  4. I am a traditional breakfast and earl grey kinda girl whilst my partner loves a fruit herbal tea – the cupboard is always a magical tea zone!

  5. My friend, LaDonna, who I lovingly call a tea snob, is all about tea. Her collection of teapots and tea cups envelops her entire house. She is a gracious lady who enjoys a good cup of whatever kind of tea is being served. Black tea and I no longer get along so my quest has been to find a herbal tea that mimics the black tea and cream that I miss.

  6. Me! Me! Me! Choose me. Oh wait, the rules. The tea drinker that comes first to mind (BESIDES MYSELF) is my grandmother (and, then, by extension, her sisters). Having come from England recently, my grandmother’s family drank tea all day long. I was amused by your story of how your mother drank a cup at breakfast, and then had two cups for the rest of the day. For my grandmother, that would be called, morning. It was tea here and tea there and tea everywhere. What I loved especially were the teapots. And I still love teapots. Unfortunately, my grandmother only drank Tetley or Lipton’s black tea. I suppose it was the only choice she had. Me, I have what some friends call a wall of tea. Tin, boxes, bags. Whatever. They fill the bottom shelf of my hutch. Go tea!

    • Love your image of a wall of tea. I have a wall of spices that often comes tumbling down on my head!

  7. As a little girl my great grandmother always shared tea with us. My mother also made us herbals in flavors of almond, orange and peppermint so it is a settling and comforting beverage. Coffee is a rare thing for me, but I can’t live without my tea, both for health and variety of delicate tastes. I am fortunate that the man I love is a tea lover also and he looks forward to whatever new tea treat I present. His favorite is Tealightful’s Coconut Dream. I like so many, it is more of a mood for me but topping the list is Warming Walnut Green, Heavenly Blooms Rooibos, Cocoa Kisses, Reminisce, Vanilla Caramel Chai, Royal and Mango Tango… it is hard to find quality tea in a small town, and it helps to be a consultant to afford my habit and share with others :0)

    • Coconut Dream???? Sounds like my kind of tea. And Vanilla Caramel Chai as well! I need to find a local Tealightful consultant to add to my collection.

  8. My sister loves drinking rooibos. She tells me it has helped her get in condition for 5K runs. Her favorite Tealightful flavor is Green Rooibos Peach.

  9. I am the tea lover in my life. As a kid I remember tea wasn’t a big deal until one of my sisters brought home loose-leaf cinnamon tea and it was the best thing I’d ever tasted! I was sold… but very particular about my tea from then on. My favorite unflavored tea is English Morning/Breakfast…first tasted when a friend brought me some from Harrod’s in England. Yum-o! I was thrilled when I found Tealightful!

    I have shared this on my Facebook pages + liked Tealightful & your page. I hope to tweet this soon!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win…and the awesome props to Tealightful here on your blog!

  10. I already follow Tealightful on FB (how I found out about this) and I am the tea lover in my family. In the past 6 months I have been experimenting with loose teas. I’ve found I like the green tea blends best and always love a good fruity flavor. I am considering becoming a consultant as I’ve already been in touch with Charlene and a current Tealightful rep! 🙂

  11. I’m the tea drinker in my family. I enjoy spicy teas in the winter…lots of Chai is brewed at my house and fruity teas in tea summer for refreshing ice teas when it gets over 100. In the last few years I have discovered Rooiboos and can’t get enough since I’ve become so sensitive to caffeine even one cup of black tea after 2PM will keep me up all night.