Confession of a Sport Hating Mom

I hate sports. Televised sports that is. Why sit on a couch when you could be out sweating chasing a ball or pounding the pavement somewhere?

Various boyfriends over the years tried to teach me the rules of baseball and football, but little registered. Eventually I fell in love with Steve, and one of the many things that drew me to him was his lack of interest in spending beautiful fall afternoons watching “the game.”

Together we built a home where the TV was never, ever tuned to sports.

Then I had a son. His dad coaches him in soccer and baseball. He also coaches his sister, and our weekends are filled with their games. But playing sports is not enough for Jack. He loves sports with a passion, wants to read about them, talk about them, and of course, watch them on TV. His enthusiasm is contagious. When he calls me in to watch the game with him, it’s impossible to turn him down.

I’ve finally found the right boy to cuddle up with on the couch and watch sports, someone who can teach me the rules of the game, and who can even teach me to love sports, just a little.

Boy playing baseball
Photo taken by Matt Kosterman of Inspired Impressions.

7 Responses to Confession of a Sport Hating Mom

  1. My story mirrors yours 🙂 My sweet husband (we met when my boys were teens) has never been one to watch sports on tv and it was one of the things I loved about him. We’re now raising our grandson who is almost ten and totally in love with playing/watching/cheering sports. They’re always outside throwing a ball, we’re both at all the practices and games, and I often find myself cuddled up watching a a game with them…and wouldn’t have it any other way!

  2. Me too, me too! Although, Rob loves watching sports on tv, I resisted watching with him but Caroline’s love of the Yankees has brought me to the couch more than I would have ever imagined!

  3. I can relate. I had no interest in sports until my son started playing baseball, which I now love. At least I love watching him play. And not just baseball, but basketball and football, too. I still don’t like watching any of them on t.v., but that’s what his dad is for.

  4. I just love this because it makes me think of Elliot as a kid. He grew up in a home where no one watched sports and became the world’s most passionate sports fan, sports editor of his college newspaper etc. I find it so interesting when kids strike out on their own this way. You are a great parent for embracing his interest.

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