Favorite Fall Recipes

Food is family. How many of your childhood memories are tied up with favorite dishes, shared meals, and family celebrations? I was always an enthusiastic sous chef to my mother in the kitchen, but it wasn’t until I left home that I fully appreciated them.

I went to high school and college on the East Coast while my family stayed in Paris. Separated by a long plane ride and six hours of time difference, I dealt with my homesickness by starting a recipe notebook. Whenever I was home from school, I transcribed my mother’s dinners into my food stained cahier. Then, back in the dorm kitchen, I tried to recreate our family dinners.

Browned Butter Brownies – need I say more?

Over time, my recipe notebook became this blog: an online unstained repository of our family recipes. Whenever the seasons change, I dig through my blog’s archives to bring back forgotten favorites. Then, as the season progresses, I add new dishes that become part of our family’s food fabric.

Beef bourguignon stew bubbles all afternoon in the crockpot, perfect for fall evenings

The leaves are falling and the air is delightfully chilly. Here are five fall gems I’ve dug up from my archives, all dishes that will warm you to the core after a brisk walk in the golden light.

Light and fluffy – these corn pancakes are a great way to celebrate the last ears of sweet summer corn.

Now it’s your turn. What are your fall favorites? Please share.


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