Looking Up to Find the Magic of Summer

This summer has been a whirlwind, dashing from one task to another, unable to think beyond the next commitment, driving from swim meets to baseball games in a hot minivan.

car themostat
This car could easily double as an oven some days.

I am ready for time to stand still, for the clock to stop running, for the magic of summer to wash over us. Summer should be spent lying in the grass, eyes filled with the wide blue open, watching the clouds go by. Summer should be an endless chain of lazy days, free of calendars, clocks, and deadlines.

Color of Summer
As the sun blinked through the tree leaves, time took a deep breath and so did I.

This weekend, in the middle of a crowded swim meet, I found a quiet spot under a tree and gave myself a time out. I took a few minutes to take in the contrast of the leaves and the sky. I followed the maze of the branches up to the sky, and I emptied my mind of everything except the colors all around me. Within a few seconds, my breaths got deeper, my pulse slowed down and I felt peace settle in.

When I looked back down, I saw that my son had joined me in this impromptu meditation, and we both were smiling a little brighter. Just taking a few minutes to look up was all it took to bring the zen back, to let the peace of summer flow in.

Try it. You too may be surprised by who joins you!

2 Responses to Looking Up to Find the Magic of Summer

  1. This is so important to take little moments to rest and focus when life keeps us so busy. Even baseball games can be relaxing like they were 50 years ago as you enjoy the sun, and summer weather. It is all about not allowing life to control you but you to control your own small space.

  2. Lovely blog and true, true words. Just got back from a long walk with my husband and dog. It was perfect. And I can’t wait to take the time to do it again. Thank you for sharing!

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