Proud to Be a Ziplist Featured Partner

What apps have made your life easier?

When I first got my iPhone, I loaded it with apps. But the truth is, other than email and texting there are only a handful of apps that have actually made my life easier. Don’t get me wrong, I get my nightly Scramble with friends fix, but other than procrastinating cleaning the kitchen, it doesn’t do much for me. But there is one app that has really made a difference in how our family shops, that has let us get rid of all those ripped shopping lists I use to shove in my jean pocket. That app is Ziplist, and I am such a fan that I just became their featured partner.

Torn Shopping List

The concept of Ziplist is simple. It’s a shared shopping list that can be modified by different family members from different computers and mobile devices. When I’m at the supermarket, daydreaming of a tropical vacation while walking the freezer aisle, instead of calling me every two seconds to ask for razor blades or coffee beans, my husband just adds items to our family Ziplist. My kids do too. Ziplist updates live on my phone and keeps me from getting cranky while shopping. As I buy items, I check them off the list, and each check is much easier than messing around with a pen while pushing a shopping cart.

shared shopping list

Simple idea. great execution. Love it.

But there’s more to Ziplist than just shopping lists. They also have recipes and a calendar that you can fill with your weekly menu plan. That’s where my partnership with Ziplist comes in. When you’re browsing this site and (hopefully!) getting so excited to make a recipe, you can now save it to your Ziplist recipe box, add it to your Ziplist meal planner and add all the ingredients to your shopping list. With just one click. Easy. Time saving. Smart.

Ziplist Recipe Box
Instead of bookmarking or printing new recipes, I can just save them to my Ziplist recipe box.

So next time you find something mouth watering here, just click on the Save Recipe button below the recipe title. It will take you to Ziplist where you can either create an account, or add the recipe to your existing recipe box. I hope you find the service as useful as I’ve found it. Anything to make food shopping easier is a win in my book!

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