Tomato Plants, Cola Syrup and Spices Gallore at the June Chicago Food Swap

Chicago Food Swap
Checking out the offerings before beginning to swap

We held the third Chicago Food Swap last weekend at the Savory Spice Shop in Hinsdale and it was our biggest swap yet. Word is spreading about how fun it is to swap, and we actually had to have a wait list for this event. Some people drove over an hour to attend and went home happy, their cars filled with fun jams, baked goods, and even heirloom plants! I brought some homemade fudge sauce as well as individual challah loaves.

Like our previous swaps, I was blown away by the creativity and different takes on the swapping concept. Two sisters from Highland Park brought three varieties of heirloom tomato plants, ready to transplant. I hope to be able to make more tomato ketchup from their plants to swap at our next August event. There are too many other creative offerings to list, but a few include antioxidant chocolate bark, four different types of homemade caramels, cola syrup and a repeat appearance of the highly popular individually bottled limoncello. As we grow, choosing what to swap for is becoming exponentially more difficult.

Our next swap will take place on August 26 at 3 pm. We want to keep moving the swaps around, giving local businesses a chance to interact with our passionate swappers and will be hosting our summer swap at  Green Home Experts in Oak Park. Green Home Experts is a one-stop shop for green lifestyle goods, sustainable home renovation products and eco-friendly gardening supplies.

 August Chicago Food Swap with Marisa McClellan
August 26th at 3 pm
Green Home Experts in Oak Park

But wait, there’s more! We’re very excited to announce a special guest for the August event, the person who inspired Emily and I to start the Chicago Food Swap, award-winning food blogger Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars. Marisa, who is a founding member of Philly Swappers, will be joining us to talk about the locavore movement, home food preservation, and food swaps. And she will be signing copies of her new cookbook!

As usual, space is limited, so register today. Registration is free. If registration is full, be sure to add your name to the wait list so we can get you in if cancellations arise. We’re also increasing our capacity a bit this time to keep growing the fun.

When I think of all the gorgeous things people will be making with our gorgeous August Chicago area produce, I get positively giddy. Our season may be short… but that makes it all the more exciting.

See you in August! Can’t wait to swap with you.

4 Responses to Tomato Plants, Cola Syrup and Spices Gallore at the June Chicago Food Swap

  1. I have never tried swapping anything to a friend or anyone but it look interesting. How is it done by the way, what I mean is what do you usually do when swapping?

    • Ashleen,
      You bring something homemade and others will trade you for the homemade things they’ve brought. it can be anything from homemade cookies to tomato plants. We have been getting a big assortment of different things which makes the swaps really fun.

  2. The food swapping thing sounds way too cool. I would love to be part of it someday, probably the August one. Let me see how everything goes.

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