Bodice Rippers at the Pool

There’s a funny thing going on at the pool these days.

Moms are reading, and not just magazines. Everyone seems to have their nose in a  book. And thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, book discussions are popping up all over the place. This smutty, poorly written novel has done something wonderful. It’s made reading hip again.

Being surrounded by so many people openly reading about red rooms of pain and spanking marks has made me less bashful about some of my less serious summer reads. Because let’s be honest. The pool is no place to be reading Ana Karenina. Who doesn’t love a bodice ripper in the summer?

My latest guilty pleasure read was The Flower Reader by Elizabeth Loupas. The cover actually made the book seem much naughtier than it was. But no one believed me when I told them that. Their minds were still too filled with all the salacious details of Fifty Shades. I didn’t mind. I was too hooked on the plot of the Flower Reader to spend too much time chatting about it.

The story takes place in the court of Mary Queen of Scots. The main character is Rinette, a young and (of course) beautiful lady who has a magical ability to read flowers and get special insights into people. This special skill is called Floramancy, and it was probably the flakiest part of the book. The more gripping parts of the story involve a secret casket filled with Nostradamus predictions, murderous French and English spies desperate to get their hands on the casket, murder by members of a secret sect, and a forced marriage. All of this takes place in the beautiful and wild hills of Scotland, in many craggy castles by the sea. PERFECT SUMMER READING.

Grab a copy of The Flower Reader for your next summer read. You’ll look as naughty as everyone else reading Fifty Shades, but you’ll probably be more entertained by this fun and fast paced historical fiction beach read. My copy literally fell apart because I read it so feverishly.

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