Crowdsourcing 4th of July Inspiration from Pinterest

Pinterest is the new mindless flipping through a magazine, a delicious way to lose time. Seconds turn into minutes magically while the beautiful images tile by in front of your eyes. And while it can seem like a complete waste of time, Pinterest is a great place to get entertaining ideas for special events and parties, especially for over the top themed holidays liked 4th of July.

I’ll be hosting my cousin’s daughter from France this 4th of July, and am tempted to go ridiculously over the top to really give her a sense the patriotic holiday by serving some totally American treats. Much to my son’s chagrin, we won’t be lighting any Roman candles in our backyard, but perhaps we can achieve some culinary fireworks with a few ideas grabbed from Pinterest.

Ten days later, for Bastille Day, we’ll indulge in our French side with some more restrained, but equally fun and delicious food.

My kids would go wild for the star rice krispie dessert skewers or any of the other ideas compiled by Lisa from Crazy Adventures in Parenting.

I’m also very tempted to make these gorgeous raspberry cheesecake popsicles by the Novice Chef.

But not all the fun should be saved for the kids. I plan to sit back, enjoying a cool drink like these strawberry champagne mimosas by Pink Preppy Lover.

Somehow as I wrote this quick post, 30 minutes disappeared into the sands of time, but I don’t think of them as wasted. Instead I am inspired, excited, and re-energized to plan some fun this Fourth of July. I could think of much worse ways to spend 30 minutes.

Join me on Pinterest if you haven’t explored it yet… it’s a beautiful way to get inspired.


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  1. I am drooling for that strawberry champagne 🙂 Pinterest is awesome, I use it all the time and I can’t even mention the fun I usually have with it.

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