Little Divas Need Great Books

I love reading with my 5 year old, but it’s rare that I find the books she chooses to be entertaining. I usually flat out refuse to read anything involving My Little Ponies or Disney characters, but even classics like Little Bear or Pinkalicious aren’t exactly page turners for adults. But the other day at the library, we stumbled upon this wonderful book that had us both laughing out loud so hard the other kids wandered over to see what was so funny. Soon they were laughing too. All over a picture book called Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake.

great children's bookMy 5 year old is a diva, a master actress who can create a scene and choose a battle over the smallest decisions. And somehow Michael B. Kaplan, the author of the Betty Bunny series, captured the essence of a 5-year old diva perfectly, but captured it in a way that she could see herself in the book, yet still laugh at herself.

What made the Betty Bunny books such a hit with my crew is that Betty Bunny has three older siblings, and the dialogue between the kids is spot on. There’s the know it all big sister, the cynical oldest brother, and the egg you on to pick a fight middle brother. When Betty Bunny pitches a fit at the toy store to get more than one toy, one brother tells her, “Keep acting crazy, it makes the rest of us look good.” Another brother suggests more toys to add to her cart, and the big sister tells her, “Betty Bunny, you can’t have everything you want.”

It’s as if Michael B. Kaplan had a videocam into one of family interactions.

After loving Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake, we took out Betty Bunny Wants Everything. Then we checked them out of the libary again, and will now be purchasing our own copies. There’s a lot of wisdom buried under all that humor. Check them out, if you have a preschool diva in your life, I know you’ll enjoy them, even if you don’t have as many older siblings to complicate preschool tantrums.


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  1. Thank you, just saw this on twitter & was thinking about my about to be 5 yo diva/princess granddaughter’s birthday. These sound like they should definately be part of it. She’s the oldest, but they sound perfect, my daughter has started some chapter books ( Amelia Bedelia) which my daughter & her brothers also liked when they were young. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. My daughter is an avid fan of Nicholas Sparks’ works that I think a great author indeed because some of his works are used in great movies and I believe we should expose our children to these activities as early as possible.

  3. I wrote a book I am confident your daughter will enjoy. It’s called The Little Cupcake Divas. It is a multicultural children’s book book about little having fun baking. Ive included the recipe. I am launching it as an ebook this month.

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