Getting Real with Meat

Eating healthy by increasing the amount of whole foods in our diets is a goal many of us have. We make little changes, join CSAs, go to the farmer’s market, but it’s a long journey, filled with scary doomsday predictions, and higher food bills. It’s a journey that our family has been on for a while, learning more about our food supply, finding better places to shop, different foods to try, testing the boundaries of how far we want to go. So when my friend Tricia told me that she was going to build a section of her site for a year to Getting Real with Whole Foods, I was excited to guest post.

After some back and forth, we decided that I would write about meat, specifically beef. My post on getting real with beef was to inspire people to take a baby step towards finding local meat buying options and to explain the different ways of raising cattle. Through our different moves the last few years, we’ve tried a variety of different sources to get grass fed or organic meat, beyond just shopping at Whole Foods. We joined a meat buying club in Columbus. We befriended local farmers at the Oak Park farmer’s market. And now we get a weekly delivery of grass fed organic beef from TCF Organics, a local or organic food delivery service that delivers year round to our house. We also grind our own blend of beef to make a killer burger.

Ever tried grinding your own meat? It's the secret to our burgers.

At some point, I’d like to get a large chest freezer to really be able to work with local beef and pig farmers by buying larger quantities at a time. It’s what I tried in Columbus, but without a large freezer, it was just too hard to store it all, and we wasted more than I would have liked. So for now, I’m comfortable with having switched our ground beef but continuing to buy the rest of my meat at supermarkets. As we move along in our journey to whole foods, our buying habits will change and evolve. And that’s okay. It’s not all or nothing.

On a warm summer night, the smell of a grilling steak is heaven.

Take a minute to see all the voices Tricia has gathered in the Get Real section of Once a Month Mom. You’ll find great advice on canning, grains, vegetables, as well as meat; definitely food for thought to get you started on your journey towards whole foods.

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  1. Have you tried La Cense Beef? That’s where I get my grass fed beef from. They are located in Montana. It’s the best ranch I’ve ever tried, and I tried many before them. They just came out with a new catalog. You should check it out.

  2. My mom recently bought an attachment for her mixer and started grinding her own meat…and has become a bit obsessed with it. I have to have grind up some beef for burgers next time I’m over! I’ve been craving a good one 🙂

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