Why Now?

My sister and I were not close growing up. We fought bitterly and without mercy, right up until I left home for college. But as adults, as mothers, and as writers, we’ve rediscovered each other. The sister I lived to tease is now my best friend, the person I speak to everyday, the one who listens to my dreams, my frustrations, and my fears.

A few days ago, Jessica and I decided to get each other re-inspired to write, really write, not for deadlines or brand sponsorship, just for ourselves. A few hours after we hung up, she emailed me a writing prompt, the first of many I hope we’ll pass back and forth to get our pens moving again.

The prompt was simple: “WHY NOW?

Jess used it to inspire this post. Here is what it inspired in me:

I used to have a sacred writing ritual: pens ordered online, carefully selected notebooks with alabaster lined pages, and a few morning a week dedicated to just pushing the pen across the page.

I loved those writing sessions. I came away from them more alive and aware, refueled and re-energized. Whether they lasted an hour or two, they felt like a long cleansing breath, like waking up in cozy sheets on a Sunday morning with the sun streaming through the blinds and indulging in a long, cat-like stretch.

Life squeezed those delicious writing sessions out of my routine. The real discipline of writing regularly without purpose was lost to the moves, the blogging, and the kids’ schedule. But I need this writing, need to let the pen fill the blank page without a destination I need it like I need to push myself to run through suburban streets as dusk falls.

Channeling my subconscious through freewrites is exhilarating, healing, and lets my spirit soar. The writing heals. The writing lets my imagination flow, lets my heart unburden, lets my brain create.

Why now?

Because there should never be a right time or a reason to write. Life should not get in the way of my writing. Just like breakfast, writing must be a part of my routine. I fill my heart with love when I burrow my nose in my children’s necks. I fill myself with power when I strap on my running shoes. And I fill my brain with ideas when I pick up my pen to write.

Why now? Because it’s time to let the pen flow again, to let the ideas grow and go with my sister doing the same, two timezones away.

And right back at you, here’s my prompt to you:


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