The Next Chicago Food Swap

The next Chicago Food Swap is only a couple of days away, and if you’re in the Chicago area, we’d love to have you join us!

When: Saturday, March 17 3-5PM

Where: Pretty Little Things, Forest Park, IL

It’s free! Just register before coming so we can have a space set up for you.

We currently have 25 people signed up to swap goodies on Saturday afternoon which means that we can probably let another 2-3 people sign up before capping at maximum capacity. It takes time to check out the offerings of 20 other people! If you have a cookie recipe your friends adore or a few extra jars of jam in your cellar, you can still sign up to join us. We’d love to meet you and swap with you.

We’ve heard that the idea of putting your homemade goods out there for others to “bid” on sounds a little daunting, so let me reassure you that this is a non-judgmental group who just love to eat, share recipes, and talk food.

I went sweet last time with peach bourbon jam, blueberry jam, and white chocolate cherry cookies. The jams were the most coveted item, which surprised me. You never know what will be hot at a food swap! This time, I’m thinking vidalia onion ketchup.

Ever been to a swap near you? The food swapping movement is spreading almost as quickly as Pinterest. If this sounds like fun, and you live too far to join us, there is probably a food swap in your area that you could join. I’m sure your brain is already working overtime, planning what to make. Happy swapping!

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  1. Chef Lukie and I whipped up a huge batch of strawberry/rhubarb/orange/jam (it turned out to be more of a “butter consistency”) yesterday and there are more goodies to come! After the housewares show he loves the idea of swapping goodies with other “chefs”!

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