Butter Bliss Valentine

butter loveSome women buy shoes. I buy butter.

Since my husband got an iPad, books, magazines, music and games suddenly became completely useless presents, destined to sit in a sad pile on his nightstand. So instead of resorting to hand colored sex coupons, I gave him the next best thing: butter.

amazing vermont butter

Before you cringe and click off to read something else, let me reassure you. I’m not talking about a creepy sexy body butter. I’m talking about the type of butter that you would spread on a piece of toast, and eat, fully clothed. This butter is so amazing, so incredibly good, that you will definitely be moaning when it hits your taste buds. My husband certainly was.

butter selection
Just a sampling of the butters in my fridge today. Butter Bliss.

We are a household of butter loving snobs. Being down to a stick is cause for panic, and we keep our fridge well-stocked with a rainbow of butter: Kerrigold unsalted butter for my brownies, organic store brand supermarket butter to throw into the kids buttered elbow noodles, truffle butter to make steaks hot off the grill even more memorable, and salted Le President butter to go in and on breakfast challah.

Until I tasted this European style butter from Vermont, I didn’t think that American butter could compete with European butters. Even Plugras which is marketed as European style butter completely lacks that rich mouthfeel of a great French butter. But this Vermont butter is better than any European butter I’ve sampled, probably because it hasn’t sat as long in some container traveling to my table. It is rich, creamy, and has little salt crystals that crunch in your mouth.

Try it. I promise you too will be hooked on this decadent butter. It costs $8.99 for a cute little basket at our local cheese market and is worth every penny.


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  1. Something that I widh my husband would do for me LOL (etant francaise et folle de beurre …) Hmmm merci <3 The rest for the Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery line is awesome. I wish I could find their butter somewhere.

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