Totally Random, Totally Useless Holiday Gift Guide

This year, I’ve been doing all of my holiday shopping late night, with frantic clicks of the mouse. Although there’s no rubbing shoulders with the masses, no long check out lines to stand in, it does put me at the mercy of search engines for inspiration. And search engines can find the most random products.

I’m nowhere near done with my shopping, and will probably soon have to brave the real world, but in the meanwhile, I though I’d share some truly random, totally useless items I came across on my computer screen. They just might make someone on your list very happy!

First up, the Yodeling Pickle. This is probably the definition of random, and definitely an item that no one would ever truly needs, but it will definitely be the most memorable stocking stuffer.

Jesus ToasterNext up is a slightly more functional item: a toaster, but not any ordinary toaster. These toasters create toast with a message, a whole range of messages, ranging from sassy to downright miraculous. See how long it might take your family and friends to notice the image of Jesus in their toast.

bite me toastOr just make a sassy statement to wake up the members of your family with the Bite Me toaster:

And if you run out of time and don’t finish all the shopping on your list this holiday season, just use the instant excuse ball to come up with a creative reason why.


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