Come Swap with Us in Chicago

I get excited about a lot of stuff, but what really gets my juices flowing, what really really gets my juices flowing, is when foodies come together. All of that passion in one place, all those people whose eyes twinkle just like mine when they get talking about chocolate, meat, and jams, is nothing short of electrifying, and it inspires me for months on end.

My friend Emily and I have been reading a lot about food swaps in the blogosphere, and decided to create one in Chicago to give all the foodies in our life a chance to come together to talk food. Food swaps bring together neighbors and strangers to exchange food and get to know each other in a truly non-commercial setting.

No money changes hands. Food is exchanged in a very old fashioned way: by bartering. One bag of crunchy chocolate chip cookies might be swapped for a pretty jar of apple jelly, or for a gleaming loaf of challah bread. You can bring a cartload of food, or just one jar of homemade ketchup, anything goes, as long as it was made by you, and not purchased.

LA has been holding them for a while. Philadelphia recently got their own. And now Chicago is getting in the game.

You don’t need to be a card-carrying foodie to participate, you just need to register and bring something, anything that you prepared or grew yourself. I may make a few different things, just to keep things easy and fun: some Oreo Truffles, a couple of jars of blueberry balsamic jam… I’m still thinking it over.

So what are you waiting for? The registration form is right here.

Looking forward to swapping with you on December 4th!

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