From Jealous to Zealous

Big sister feeding infant
This is way better than pretend feeding my dolls.

I used to be jealous, angry, a real mess.

Any little comment would send me running to my room in distress.

I thought my little sister had ruined my life,

taken away all my parents’ love and caused me great strife.

But now I’ve seen the light,

and I’m done wanting to fight.

I went from jealous,

to zealous.

I want the world to know,

Being a big sister isn’t a disaster.

It just means having a real, live doll,

to love.

Big sister feeding infant success
See Mom? I told you I was big enough to feed Sophie.

Happy Wordful, Wordless, Five Minutes Wordless, and Way-back wednesday.

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  1. Oh! How WONDERFUL!!!! The words and the images…what a treasured post this will be for two sweet sisters. 🙂

    Hooray for the Way Back “jealous” transformed to “zealous!”

    What a wonderful post and link-up, Vanessa…thanks for joining in!

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