The Promise of Tiny Feet

Newborn Feet in Motion
Her tiny feet are always in motion, dancing in the air as they did in the womb.

Where will those feet walk in their lifetime?

Will they march confidently into boardrooms, beating a staccato with pointy black heels?

Will they work long hours in a restaurant kitchen, as comfortable as possible in acid green Crocs?

Will they march triumphantly up Kilimanjaro to plant a bright flag on the summit, laced securely in beat up climber boots?

Or will they dance gracefully across polished wooden floors in paper soft pink pointe shoes?

Only time will tell where these tiny feet decide to roam, but I’ll keep them close to me as long as I can, resting in the palm of my hand, daydreaming about their future.

Happy Wordful, Wordless, Five Minutes Wordless, and Way-back wednesday.

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