Paris Nous Voila!

After two blistering days in Chicago with no power, I threw the contents of our fridge and freezer in the garbage, threw some dirty clothes in our suitcases and raced to the airport to fly to France, our last trip to see my mother as a family of five. We landed this morning at 8AM, dazed and confused by the drizzle and gray skies, but soon perked up upon tasting our first butter croissants and chocolate macarons.

Deboarding at Charles de Gaulle airportThe futuristic tubes of the Charles de Gaulle airport used to put a pit in my stomach when I rode them in high school and college to travel to the US far away from my family. Now they fill me with glee as I am bringing my family back to my childhood home, to give them a small taste of France.

Welcome to France at Charles de Gaulle Airport

More pics and adventures to share tomorrow, but after just one day in Paris, it’s clear that each Druckman child and adult here shares one goal: to eat as many crepes as possible in our time here.

Eating Crepes on Rue de La Huchette

Let the great crepe feast begin. Beurre et sucre, bien sur. Bon appetit!

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  1. Oh, I am SO jealous! I was just telling my sons today that I am absolutely dying to go back to France. I was 6 months pregnant when I was there last and only had a few sips of wine to tease my tastebuds. Have a fantastic time.

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