The Pain of Le Shopping

Jack had two shopping goals for our trip to France. He wanted to eat a lot of crepes and he wanted to buy a large bag of madeleines. That was it. C’est tout madame.

Paris CrepesHis sisters were as excited to eat their way through France, but also had some loftier shopping goals: fancy French hats.

And I just wanted to walk into every shop we crossed, from art galleries in the Place des Vosges to pretty little boutiques selling beautifully wrapped caramels, cookies, and pastries.

My little guy tried to be a good sport, but there is only so much shopping a 7-year old can take before falling in an existential funk.

depressed boy

Luckily, a few snacks on a street corner can banish the pain of shopping.

Le Gouter

But snacks can only go so far. It wasn’t until he was shouting, “PAYBACK!” at the top of his lungs, while letting loose on the French population at the wheel of a bumper car that his smile fully returned.

Bumper Cars in the Jardin des Tuileries

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