The One that I Want: a Summer Read Celebrating Female Friendships

A great character is one that inspires a strong reaction, and that’s just what Allison Winn Scotch does with the heroine of her latest novel, The One That I Want. I hated 32 year old Tilly Farmer with a passion for the first third of the book. Loathed her so powerfully that I was sorely tempted to put the book down. Luckily I stuck with it and witnessed her transformation into a strong and confident woman, a character I truly liked and admired by the end of the book.
The One That I Want NovelTilly Farmer is a woman living a small life in a small town as a guidance counselor. Her big excitement of the year is finding the right Paris decorations for the high school prom. She longs to get pregnant so she can permanently anchor her husband to her side in their lives, re-living the glory of their high school years by working at the local high school. When asked, she says she is happy but she really is just holding her emotions in check, trying to keep life from changing. When circumstances challenge the status quo, she is forced to re-evaluate the very foundations of her life, and out of the rubble emerges a new Tilly Farmer, a wiser, kinder, and much happier woman.

The One that I Want is a great summer book read, one that inspires and will make you appreciate the network of women who surround and support your daily triumphs. It’s a fun and quick read whose message will linger with you long after you’ve come home from your summer vacation by the pool.

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