Queso Fresco Transforms a Boring Late Night Dinner

For the last few months, I have fallen ever increasingly in love with queso fresco. It may seem funny to rave about such a basic ingredient, but I find myself adding it to more and more dishes as of late, always with delightful results. Queso Fresco is a very generic Mexican cheese that can be found in most supermarkets. It’s a crumbly yet moist cheese that has a gentle tang, giving dishes a subtle freshness.

package of queso fresco
You can find Queso Fresco in most supermarkets.

I first bought queso fresco to sprinkle onto corn on the cob. When the corn is a little grilled, slathered with mayonnaise, lime juice, and chili powder, the queso fresco is the perfect finishing touch. But I enjoyed the cheese so much that I started using it for more than just corn, and that’s how my love grew.

Tonight, instead of making myself the souffle and tomato salad I had planned on, I took the kids for an evening swim and then got caught up in the details of this blog’s migration to WordPress. By the time I got the kids to sleep, it was 10PM and I had no dinner in sight. Rather than turn to a comforting bowl of hot cereal, I decided to whip up some sunny side up eggs, but not plain eggs.

sunny side up eggs topped with queso fresco
These were no ordinary sunny side up eggs, more like Mexican sunrise eggs.

I dressed up the eggs with some tomato powder from the Spice House, some balsamic vinegar infused salt, and sprinkled them liberally with, you guessed it, queso fresco. Instead of bland and comforting eggs, I sat down to a late night feast of flavors that dazzled my tongue. Heaven.


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