Motherhood in 100 Words


I wish I had taped the little song Juju sang to me as she gave me this card this morning.

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere! Whether you’re celebrating your first mother’s day with a tiny newborn, or skyping with grandchildren around the world, motherhood is a bond we all share, regardless of language and culture barriers.

When I gave birth to Bella nine years ago, I was just anxious to meet my child and to hold her safely in my arms. I didn’t realize that I would be joining a special club, uniting women around the world with a common bond,. When a woman becomes a mother, she becomes much more than a mom, she takes on close to a hundred job titles.

A mom is …
a banisher of bad dreams,
a nurse,
the perfect cushion for sleepy heads,
a short order cook,
an expert blanket tucker,
a snack machine,
an impartial judge,
an evil dictator,
a wish granter,
a lie detector,
an inspiration for leaps of faith,
a prison guard,
a storyteller,
a teacher,
someone you can trust with your secrets,
someone who guesses your secrets,
travel planner,
a personal shopper,
a wardrobe consultant,
a stylist,
a hopeless fashion embarrassment,
an ATM machine,
a groomer,
a baker with an expertise in chocolate chip cookies,
a birthday cake artist,
the tooth fairy,
Santa Claus,
the Easter bunny,
a playmate,
a party planner,
a social director,
a tutor,
a housekeeper,
a laundry expert,
a chauffeur,
a magician,
a best friend,
a Mommy.

This month, the Yahoo Motherboard challenged us to define motherhood in 100 words or less. This list of titles was my attempt. What’s yours?

My mom likes to make fansy food: crepes with mustard and ketchup.

Wishing you all a very happy and relaxing Mother’s Day.

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