>The Other Life: the Thinking Woman’s Beach Read

>On Spring Break with the kids, I love a good beach read, something that gets my pulse racing but nothing so embarrassing that I would be embarrassed to show the cover at the pool. There’s nothing like vacation and freedom from cooking and car pooling to settle in to a great escapist read. I packed the Other Life in my suitcase along with my sunscreen and bathing suits, and was so happy with my choice. It has been called “the thinking woman’s beach read” and I couldn’t agree more.

The Other Life blends together the ordinary struggles of a happily married suburban woman with a touch of magic. Quinn Braverman lives in Long Island with her husband Lewis and their son Isaac. Although her life seems perfect on the surface, she is haunted by the suicide of her mother soon after her wedding. When she learns that she may be carrying a seriously disabled child in her womb, she discovers a portal to another life in her basement, filled with the choices she didn’t make.

In this other life, Quinn’s mother is still alive and Quinn is married to her daredevil boyfriend Eugene. Although she loves her husband and son, she is inexorably drawn to the portal to escape her problems and uncover the mystery of her mother’s suicide. But the portal keeps shrinking with every visit, making every transition more dangerous.

Life is filled with choices, big and small, every day: what to make for dinner, what to wear, or whether to reconnect with an old friend. Some choices are inconsequential, but others are life-changing and through the powers of social media and Facebook we’re constantly teased by what could have been. I loved that The Other Life plays with this notion and gives this suburban housewife the power to view the road not taken. It was an interesting premise and I enjoyed the novel, a thoroughly entertaining read in my lounge chair by the pool.

The Other Life is Ellene Meister‘s third novel. She lives on Long Island with her husband and three children. It is available in paperback and is currently $10.20 at Amazon. I received a review copy from TLC Book Tours where the novel is currently being reviewed by other book lovers throughout the world.

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  1. >I love, love, love to read so I always appreciate learning about new books. Now we just need warmer weather. And I need to get a hammock.

  2. >I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. The idea of another life that I could choose to live instead of my current one is … unsettling, to say the least. Still, I can see that it would make for a fascinating story.

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