>a Little Elf, a Lot of Mayhem


Around midnight I prowl the house, peeking in on sleeping children, plotting my next prank. Other elves spend December giving children little gifts and relaying messages from Santa. I do a little of that too. It’s important to keep my kids in line, to remind them to behave as the big man finalizes his lists. But my specialty, and my true joy, is wreaking a little mayhem.

Where’s the fun in being good all the time?

One morning, you may come down and find that I made a teetering five foot stack of books. The next day, you’ll find me swinging from the chandelier, frozen after a night of wild ruckus with the kids’ favorite stuffed animals. And some days, you’ll have to search long and hard before finding me hidden behind the water cooler. That’s the beauty of having me around. You’ll never know what you’ll wake up to.

You should have seen Bella’s face this morning when she woke up to a room filled with toilet paper. I almost laughed out loud.

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  1. >That is awesome! You are a fun mom! As evidenced by the header picture of you with the ice cream, which I adore by the way!

  2. >We SOOOO need to elf it up in our house next year! What a mischievious little TPing sprite!

    Thank you so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday, Vanessa!

  3. >This is awesome! I wish my girl wasn't afraid of him!!! I may need to take mine down. She's been sleeping in my room b/c she's afraid he'll come get her in her sleep. ??

  4. >I'm blog hopping and found your blog. I'm now a follower. Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

  5. >Our silly Elf, Murray, recently tp'd our bathroom. lol

    I would love to use one of your Elf photos in a Christmas video I am putting together over at my blog.

    See here for info:

    You would receive FULL credit, of course. If you want to participate, please email the photo or just the link to the post and I will screenshot the photo.


    themommy at mommycosm dot com

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