>Sprinkle Pudding: a Fun and Easy Dessert to Make with the Kids

>There’s something about these gloomy post-daily savings evenings that makes me crave pudding. Big bowls of creamy pudding. Isn’t that the perfect food when it’s pitch dark outside at 5PM?

Last night I wanted to make pots de creme with the kids. If you’ve ever had these delicious little puddings and felt your spoon pierce through the thin skin on top to get to the rich custard beneath, you’ll agree that they are the perfect dessert to cure the late fall blahs. They are practically the definition of homemade goodness.

But just as I reached for the whole milk and the chocolate to melt, the cozy mood in the kitchen disintegrated. Bella started moaning about the stupidity of math homework. Jack pulled Juliette’s hair. And Juliette decided to attach herself to my legs and whine continuously. The opportunity for a slowly and lovingly baked dessert had vanished. I needed something quick, something fun, something instant to get the mood back on track.

Instead of homemade goodness, I reached for a box of Jello Instant vanilla pudding and put the kids to work. Bella poured the milk. Jack opened the pudding box. And Juliette whisked with gusto.

kids with dessert

Exactly two minutes later, we had 6 ramekins filled with golden vanilla pudding, and smiles on everyone’s faces. Time to decorate. I let the kids rummage through the pantry for leftover Halloween candy and anything else they could find that would fit a 2-inch ramekin. They came back with Oreos, chocolate chips, sprinkle sugar, and marshmallows, thrilled by the illusion of a sugar free-for-all.

A few minutes later, the puddings were beautiful and ready to be put aside until dessert. And we were all re-energized for bathtime and dinner.

I’ll expose them to the natural goodness of pots de cremes soon. The Jello pudding mix can’t be compared to how delicious they will be; they’re not in the same category. But sometimes, homemade is not the answer. In the name of family peace and sanity, I’m all for instant pudding.

Sprinkle Pudding Extravaganza
1 box of Jello Instant Vanilla Pudding (or Chocolate or any other flavor craved!)
3 cups of 2% or whole milk
An assortment of toppings like sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate chips and oreo crumbles

  1. Measure the milk.
  2. Pour in the pudding mix.
  3. Whisk for exactly 2 minutes.
  4. Pour into reserved ramekins.
  5. Let the kids decorate. Either serve immediately or refrigerate until dessert.

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