>Moving… Again

>Yesterday I broke the news that we are moving to the kids for the second time in 11 months. I had been planning my speech for weeks, rehearsing which points to make, deciding whether to tell them together or separately, and trying to not repeat the mistakes I made the last time.

But still, when Bella sat between Steve and I on the couch, looked up at me, and asked me what I wanted to talk about, my mouth wouldn’t form the words. There she sat, trusting, tanned and relaxed, completely unaware that we were about to shatter her world again.

When I finally did get the words out, she didn’t believe me. Just like the last time. But when she looked over at Steve, she read the truth in the guilt in his eyes. That’s when she started sobbing. And although her tears flowed for a while, they slowed as she began listening to our descriptions of a wonderful school around the corner from a rambling Victorian near a lake so huge that it acts like an ocean. By the time I explained that Daddy’s new job would keep him in Chicago most of the time, she was nodding in agreement that the move was necessary. Today, when she gave me her 10 reasons why she doesn’t want to move to Chicago, she was smiling and easily conceding point after point when I responded with the 10 reasons she will love Chicago.

I know that she will shed more tears before the moving truck swallows up our belongings again in August, but I also know that it will be easier this time around. Our year in Ohio has brought us closer as a family, has given us back family dinners, and has taught us who we are. Regardless of how corny it may sound, moving has shown us that our home is wherever our family is together. The thought of having Daddy travel away from home most of the week is simply not an option to them. They know that they’ll make new friends in our new home, just like they did here.

And so in a few weeks, this family will pack up for another great adventure. We know little about Chicago, and the kids haven’t even heard about the snow yet, but we’re ready. We know we’re headed there as a family.

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  1. >Moving is hard, but Chicago is a great town with lots to do. Take your woolies! 🙂 Good luck with the move!

  2. >Ah Bella.
    And I was just wondering how you were all settling into Ohio.
    Can't wait to read about your adventures in Chicago. Happy Trails.

  3. >I was wondering when you were going to do it. Poor Bella. We're going to do everything we can to ease the transition for her. I know one soon-to-be 2nd grader at her new school who can't wait to meet her!

  4. >In 5 years, we moved 3 times, so I hear you. It's not a decision I ever made lightly, but it's still hard. I'm sure it will all work out. She knows you're there no matter what.

  5. >You handled that with the grace of a good mommy, of course. I'm just sorry that we didn't meet until the end of your time in Ohio but I wish you and your family all the best on your next adventure together.

  6. >I keenly remember being in Bella's shoes but let me reiterate exactly how excited we are to have you guys. She will love this place.

  7. >I think you will love Chicago. And also, sure moving is hard. But we moved 6 times before I turned 16 and I can honestly say I am a better, more open minded, person for the vast varieties of lifestyles I got to experience as a child. GREG

  8. >Moving is hard. Traveling I can do all of the time but moving house is a completely different situation. I'm sorry to have you leave Ohio but I hear that Chicago is a great food town!

  9. >Moving sucks. I changed at least a dozen times before I moved to my current home near your new neighborhood and I haven't moved since. (And I've been in this house 7 years now.)

    Welcome to the Windy City!

  10. >Vanessa, I was so moved reading this. It sounds like you did handle it exceedingly well. When our kids were 8 and 6, they came home from summer camp to find out that we were moving from Atlanta, where they'd lived all their lives, to Washington, D.C., within a week! And then we arrived two weeks before 9/11. Moving is so disruptive, but if your kids know that they are love love loved they'll be okay. Good luck!

  11. >Hi. I can't imagine how hard it was to break the news, let alone MOVE (I swear I am never leaving our home). But I agree, you handled that so well. And I think you are going to love Chicago. I have some bloggie friends to connect you with!

  12. >I know you all will love Chicago, but I sure hope we get a chance to meet in person before you leave Ohio!

  13. >I have so enjoyed getting to know you in Ohio and I'm sad to know you're leaving. I hope our paths continue to cross after your move.

  14. >I'm glad you can see the silver lining. You are going to be on the other side of town from me, but I can't wait to have you here!

  15. >I am finding that out too, that home is wherever our family is. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiences in Chicago.

  16. >We will miss you in Ohio as we have enjoyed getting to know you, Steve and the kids but look forward to a visit to Chicago! Just say a little prayer for me as I tell my Jack!

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