>Kicking Off my Summer Reading with The Truth about Delilah Blue

>I’m now two weeks into summer vacation, and have had precious little time to sit down and relax lounging by the pool with a good book. This is a serious problem, as my summer reading pile is ready to go, a colorful rainbow of promising reads teetering on my nightstand. I’m optimistic that I’ll settle in to the routine, along with the kids, and that the leisurely summer pace I’ve been craving will soon materialize.

Amidst all the car pooling, I have managed to squeeze in a little reading. I just finished The Truth about Delilah Blue by Tish Cohen. I received a copy from TLC book tours to review.

The truth about Delilah Blue is the perfect summer read with its intriguing plot and creative characters. Delilah Blue is an insecure art student who harbors a deep complex as a result of her mother abandoning her she was eight. Her father’s vague explanations about her mother’s departure become clearer when her mother returns and reveals that Delilah’s father actually kidnapped her when she was young. Family drama ensues, as Delilah reacquaints herself with her mother and half-sister, while developing a romantic interest in a fellow art student.

Cohen writes descriptively, really taking the reader into the moment using all the senses. Beginning with the first sentence of the prologue, before Delilah’s kidnapping, you can feel the heat of summer from a child’s point of view, “The smell of asphalt and dandelions and the last days of school made the air tingle with summer promise: fireflies in applesauce jars, bare toes in the sand at Kew Beach, and leisurely decisions at the ice cream truck about whether or not to chocolate dip.” Cohen gets her readers in the mood from the get go, placing them directly in the action, getting them hooked from the start.

Thanks to the Truth about Delilah Blue, I’ve at least gotten my summer reading underway. I’m defiantly breaking out the sunscreen and the bathing suits, and gearing up to tuck into the rest of my summer reading pile, and get going on some serious relaxation and more entertaining escapist reads.

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  1. >I love that sentence you quoted – you're very right, it definitely brings in all your senses.

    It looks like you're on your way to a great summer of reading … provided you can find the time to pick up a book! LOL

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