>Pet Store Panic


I step in cautiously, pulling back on Jack and Bella’s tugging arms. They’re literally panting with excitement in eagerness to get to the adorable puppies on display. I, on the other hand, am literally panting from anxiety.

The kids spend a good ten minutes going from cage to cage, ooohing and aahing over the different breeds. The boxer with his soulful black eyes stares at them longingly, one ear perking up hopefully, but they hop away without a second glance. The Westy in the next cage is kissing the bichon frise, and that’s just too much cuteness to resist.

I sit back, smiling and nodding when asked to validate a particular puppy’s virtues. I’m pacing myself, reserving my energy. I know what comes next.

The salesgirl, honing in on a potential sale like a bloodhound, ambers over to engage the kids. “Would you like to play with this puppy?” All three pairs of eyes swing back to me, imploring me as one. “Please mommy? Oh, please, can we play with the puppy?”

I cave easily, happy to say yes to this at least. Soon we’re all penned in together in a cuddle cubicle, and the salesgirl is extolling the health guarantees and supposed stellar pedigree of the fluffy puppy at my feet. Bella is teary eyed with desire and joy, on all fours with the dog. Jack and Juliette, giddy with excitement, are jumping up and down, threatening the little canine’s life with their big, clodhopper snowboots.

And the puppy? He’s blissfully oblivious to the dangerous love focused on him. He’s too busy trying to chew holes through my treasured wool Ugg boots.

This vignette of the kids’ ever-intensifying get a dog campaign is the subject of my photo driven post this week. The picture is from last summer, but the scene has recurred often since. As the kids’ desire grows, so does my ambivalence. Happy Wordful, not so Wordless and Way-back wednesday

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  1. >Vanessa, we are so living parallel lives! Our kids have been campaigning for some time…we need to build a fence, that's for sure. 😉 The other day Double Daddy was explaining the dog-owner list of responsibilities (which included taking the dog out to walk/pee/poo even if it was pouring rain—as it was that day). Later in the day, She-Twin confessed…"maybe we're not quite big enough yet." But He-Twin…no rain snow sleet or hail…he's up for it. Let us know what happens in your camp!

    Thanks so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday so wonderfully!

  2. >My kids are on this same mission. They ask me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY for a dog. When they have to write stories at school they write about a dog. IT's insane, but I am NOT giving in. I do. not. want. to. clean up poop. 🙂

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