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I feel most alive when I’m learning something new. I love a challenge, even when I struggle, or fail. My mother once told me that there’s always something to be learned no matter what you’re doing. At the time, I was crying to her about my high school summer job making collections calls for a credit card company in France.

I felt alive during that brief, brutal period in high school when I tried out for the girls’ ice hockey team (I was thankfully cut before breaking any bones), I felt alive during those terrifying sleepless nights when I first became a mom, and I’ve felt electrified for the last year that I’ve been learning about food photography.

Learning doesn’t mean excelling (especially on the ice), and that’s definitely been the case for my food photography. I’m still struggling to make the shot in my head appear through my lens. Last night for example, I read a wonderful post on the Pioneer Woman’s blog about aperture. She made it seem so easy, but today everything came out blurry. But I’m still trying, snapping away, and learning as I shoot and erase.

In a few months, I’m headed to food blogger camp in California to learn a whole lot more about food blogging and food photography. They’ve asked us to submit our rejections from the Tastespotting website. I’m scared of being held up as an object of ridicule, but this is a chance to improve. What’s a few seconds of embarrassment if I can learn?

I’ll be sharing the pictures above. The first was rejected for blurriness. The second for composition. Just one word answers when I could have used more explanation. I thought they were good… but they didn’t. Soon I’ll know why.

Happy Wordful, not so Wordless and Way-back wednesday

And click here if you want to see the one picture that did get accepted!

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  1. >You'll have to let me know how that camp is, especially the food photography bit. We're in desperate need of a new camera, both a point & shoot and a DSLR. When we go out to eat or anything, we take pics with a quite old and crappy camera. Of course, even when we get a nice camera, I'm not sure the pics will come out any better! 🙂

    Your pics are pretty good, but I can see why they rejected them based on those terms. Hopefully, they'll offer more input for you and more importantly, suggestions on how to improve. I think food photography is hard, so much like bringing to life a still painting of a bowl of fruit. Good luck and keep snapping away!

  2. >If you can, do come back and tell us their comments on the two photos. While I can see the top one might not be crisp in focus like some places want, I'm curious as to the "composition" problems with the second photo. You can help teach us too!

  3. >How exciting for you! I think the pictures are great. I can never take photos of food, my point and shoot hates close-ups. I think they are having a photography class in a Room of Your Own session at BlogHer. Not sure if you're going, thought you might be interested. It's being run by ClassyChaos.com.

  4. >I like your soup photo ~ it makes me want to eat it. A photo has to be good to do that. Your website is beautiful. See you at Camp Blogaway!

  5. >Love your picture! I just want to lean in and take a taste! I can't wait to meet you at Camp Blogaway!

    Stockpiling Moms

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