>Chili Con Carne, a Crowd Pleaser for the Oscars or Any Other March Gathering


This month for the Snackpicks website, I made a big bowl of Chili Con Carne.

I was asked to create a dish to serve with Cheez-It Crackers and I immediately thought of meaty, satisfying chili as the perfect match to the intense cheese flavor of Cheez-its. And the fact that the orange crackers look great over the deep red chili doesn’t hurt.

My post at Snackpicks suggests chili as a great dish to watch basketball games… but you really could serve it for any gathering you’re having, even for the Oscars this weekend. I had it at a party over New Year’s and everyone gathered around pot chatting and customizing their bowl with their choice of ingredients. 

Head on over to Snackpicks for more entertainment ideas and to get my chili recipe…

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