>The Pressure is Lifted from the Perfect Holiday Shot


Designing holiday cards is a stressful process. Beginning December 1, I dread going to the mailbox and finding it filled with the cards of organized, have it together moms. Everyday the guilt grows, as the time pressure of the looming end of year increases.

But here we are, officially closer to the end of December than the beginning, and I haven’t begun the gathering of the addresses, or the revision of “the list.”

But I have done the hard part. I have found “the picture.” The one that encapsulates the spirit of the year. It used to be so stressful to find that one shot where Steve and I look youthful and glowing and where, miraculously, all of the kids are smiling and happy.

But now that cards come in so many designs, the pressure has been lifted. Holiday cards have become the slide shows of our youth. And the pressure of the selection process has been lifted.

I spent a few pleasant hours last weekend as the wind howled outside, revisiting vacations when we were tanned and rested. I could feel the sand between our toes and the kiss of the setting sun on our cheeks. It made me hunger to take next year’s snapshot, preferably somewhere exotic and warm.

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  1. >Ugh, I hate trying to do this every year. I can't even get my husband to pose in a picture, so a family shot is out of the question. Finally got a good one of my daughter… yesterday. Sigh.

    Great photo – you've got a lovely family!

    Little Bytes of Life

  2. >I love your photo! I often end up choosing a summer vacation photo… this year none of them really captured the right moment… so hubby had to get a shot of the boys very quickly one afternoon in the chill outside w/o coats on! Fortunately, he got 1 good shot out of dozens!

  3. >That is a fabulous picture. I like it so much better than the photos of the families all dressed up and posing in their holiday attire. This depicts a family having real family time, and by the looks of it, fun times!

  4. >Absolute perfection! Such a love and life embodied image. 😉

    Bet this will make all recipients wish they'd done better! 😉

    Thank you so much for playing along with Way Back When-esday!

  5. >That's a great picture! I just got my cards in the mail yesterday. I'm so behind this year. I also do a newsletter for the far flung family, and this is where I agonize over what pictures form the year to use around the edges.

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