>Once in a Blue Moon – A Book Review

>I am somewhat of a literary snob, reaching for trade paperbacks over popular thrillers or romance novels. But every once in a while, I enjoy a good page turner, a book whose plot sucks you in and demands that you sneak away to read it regardless of whatever you may be doing.

Once in a Blue Moon, by Eileen Goudge, is pure brain candy, beginning with the setting in a small coastal town in Northern California. Two sisters are separated at a young age when their mother is sent to jail for dealing drugs. They are reunited as adults and clash almost immediately from their differences. Lindsey is a bookish but beautiful owner of a bookstore who is fighting a losing battle with a resort developer. Kerry Ann is a flamboyant and sexy recovering addict who is fighting to win back custody of her six year old daughter from a foster family. Over time they learn to overcome their differences and help each other as they once again become a family.

Although the characters and the plot are sometimes predictable, I found myself increasingly caught up in the story, sneaking away to hide in the bathroom to grab a few more pages in peace. The sisters’ developing romances combined with the gorgeous locale of the wild California seashore was a welcome escapist treat.

Editorial disclosure: I received my review copy of Once in a Blue Moon from the One2One Network.

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